School Readiness Program

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School Readiness Program

At Happy Kids, our School Readiness Program is thoughtfully designed for our preschoolers, aiming to equip them with skills and knowledge for success in their future educational journey.

Some of the benefits children gain from exposure to our program for preschoolers include:

Improved social and emotional skills

Within our program, we actively encourage the development of social and emotional competencies through engaging activities like active listening, self-expression, self-regulation, fostering friendships, sharing, cooperation, and promoting a sense of accountability.

Enhanced confidence and autonomy

Throughout the program, children are encouraged to practice and enhance essential self-help abilities, such as personal hygiene routines, dressing themselves, organising belongings, and managing simple tasks independently. These skills contribute to children’s self-confidence and empower them to navigate the school environment with greater ease and autonomy in the future.

Greater focus and perseverance

Our school readiness program strives to cultivate improved focus and perseverance by providing scaffolding in areas such as listening, participation, direction-following, and independent work.

Learning early literacy and numeracy concepts

This foundational phase introduces young learners to the magical world of letters, words, and numbers, laying the groundwork for their academic growth. Early literacy activities encompass the development of pre-reading skills, fostering a love for storytelling, and gradually introducing the recognition of letters and sounds. Simultaneously, early numeracy experiences focus on introducing basic mathematical concepts, counting, and exploring the numerical realm in a playful and interactive manner.