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Our Story

Happy Kids Kindergarten was established in 1987 and is an initiative of the Armenian Relief Society of Australia - Sosseh Chapter Incorporated (A United Nations endorsed Charity).

At Happy Kids Early Learning, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care and education for children aged 2-6 years old. Our small not-for-profit centre, offering 23 places, operates from 7:30am to 6pm. Situated in the lush surroundings of Lane Cove, our team of passionate and committed educators strives to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for all our little learners.

Our Philosophy

A desire to ensure all stakeholders feel valued and respected has resulted in Happy Kids producing a centre philosophy, with profuse input from families, children, staff, our service broader committee (Armenian Relief Society) and relevant communities. The philosophy, which aims to represent the ideals and thoughts of all Happy Kids Stakeholders, which is updated every year.

We ensure our educational program and practice is child-centred and maximises learning opportunities for children by enhancing their sense of agency. We view children as capable and competent learners, and we listen to and value their suggestions and ideas.

We extend children’s learning and development by responding to their ideas and play. Our educators intentionally plan play-based opportunities for children to scaffold their learning and development. Children’s progress towards the EYLF learning outcomes is regularly accessed and communicated with families.

We recognise children’s right to experience quality education and care in an environment that provide for their health, wellbeing and safety. Our educators value building secure and trusting relationship with children to support their wellbeing and future development.  Our everyday practice and educational program promote children’s learning about nutrition, personal hygiene, physical fitness, emotional and social relationship.

We understand the importance of connecting children to the natural world in order to develop their respect and increase their awareness of their environmental responsibilities. The concept of “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle”, is promoted in our everyday practices and the resources we use.

We value inclusion. We are committed to providing an educational program which caters for each child’s individual needs, abilities and interests. We recognise the importance of effective partnership between educators, families, support professionals, and inclusion support services to facilitate effective access and inclusion for all children.

Being a not for profit, community-based centre, we take pride in promoting a strong sense of community. Happy Kids Early Learning was established by the Armenian Relief Society, Sosseh Chapter, in 1987. We value families’ cultural beliefs and ways of being and doing. Our educators strive to uphold each family’s cultural heritage and include opportunities to explore our community and the cultures within it. We acknowledge that our community is built on the traditional lands of Guringai Nation. We pay respects to the Elders of the Guringai Nation, past and present, the custodians of the country since the beginning.

We believe that staff that are our biggest asset and we value, respect, and appreciate what each member brings with them into our centre. We are committed to continual improvement for both staff and the children, relating to education, training and our environment.

We embed ongoing critical reflection in all areas of our practice by building a culture of enquiry and continuous improvement among all stakeholders. We believe in fostering an approach where all stakeholders are equally respected and valued for their contribution.

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Our Vision

Preparing children for a successful future.

At Happy Kids, we value each child’s uniqueness and individuality. We positively influence the lifelong outcomes of children through discovering each child’s unlimited potentials.

Our Values

Play Based Learning

We value the importance of high quality play-based learning programs as it motivates children to explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. We provide opportunities for children to become the creators, thinkers and doers of today and tomorrow.

Holistic Approach

Every child has a right to feel safe, nurtured, valued and heard. Ensuring that the ‘whole child’ is nurtured. Giving each child we care for a feeling of Belonging to a community, recognised for Being a unique individual & Becoming a confident, involved learner, who is capable to take on challenges through each stage of their development


We recognise childhood as a special time in itself; a time for all children to be immersed in secure and trusting environments that allow them to explore, play, discover and learn. We believe that professional and diligent team of professional is our biggest asset; and we value, respect, and appreciate what each member brings with them into our centre.

Sense of Community

Being a not for profit, community based centre; we take pride in promoting a strong sense of community. Happy Kids Kindergarten was established by the A.R.S Armenian Association. The Armenian culture is embraced throughout the daily program, helping children learn the Armenian language. In addition to this we respect the uniqueness of each family and embrace diverse cultures through the centre.


We have the courage to pursue bold visions of the future. We are committed to continual professional learning and organisational development. We collaborate and explore new ideas and different ways of thinking.


Learning about sustainability starts with everyday practice. Our Centre actively participates in caring for our environment and promotes sustainable practices through educating and working with the children, families and wider community.