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teacher with a group of kids walking on a footpath on an excursion
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At Happy Kids, we believe in enriching our students' learning experiences through regular incursions that cater to their emerging interests and curiosity.

Our incursions are mainly based on children's emergent interests, whether it's a captivating farm animal display, an interactive puppet show, or an inspiring visit from community workers and many more. These experiences not only broaden our Children' knowledge but also foster a sense of connection to their community and the world around them.

Boy playing with water and cooking utensils in the garden
teacher with a group of ten kids on an excursion in a suburban street


At Happy Kids, our school readiness program extends to exciting excursions tailored specifically for children aged 3 years and up.

These outings aim to enhance children's educational experience and foster independence and social skills. Our regular excursions include visits to the local library, bushwalks, and playful trips to Mindarie Park.

Additionally, we organise enriching excursions to places like recycling centers, nursing homes, museums, and many others, offering diverse learning opportunities outside the classroom.

It's important to note that participation in these excursions is optional, and we always seek permission from families, respecting their wishes regarding their child's involvement.