Our Philosophy

At Happy Kids Early Learning we believe in the importance of providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment for each child in our care. Whilst also ensuring the environment is stimulating, fun, educational and hygienic.

Being a not for profit, community based centre, we take pride in promoting a strong sense of community. Happy Kids Early Learning was established by the Armenian Relief Society of Australia, Sosseh Chapter. The Armenian culture is embraced throughout the daily program, helping children learn the Armenian language. In addition to this we respect the uniqueness of each family and embrace diverse cultures through the centre.

We acknowledge that family is the most important part of a young child’s life. We aim to develop positive, mutually respectful relationships with each family member. Working in partnership with families is central to ensuring continuity and progression in a child’s learning, development and future success.

Providing an anti-bias environment and promoting positive interactions between staff, parents and children is important to us. No-one should be discriminated against on the basis of gender, age, race, language, abilities, culture or natural origin.

We value the importance of play as it enhances all areas of a child’s development. Our daily schedule is planned to ensure that there is a balance between individual, small and large group activities, child directed and teacher initiated activity and inside as well as outside experiences. Our program includes literacy, numeracy, gross motor and fine motor activities, as well as music, Armenian language and art.

We as educators embrace the Early Learning Years Framework. Ensuring that the ‘whole child’ is nurtured. Giving each child we care for a feeling of Belonging to a community, recognised for Being a unique individual & Becoming a confident, involved learner, who is capable to take on challenges through each stage of their development.

We promote caring for the environment through sustainable practices. As staff we aim to educate, put in practice and be effective role models to the children in this area.

We believe that our staff are our biggest asset and we value, respect, and appreciate what each member brings with them into our centre. We are committed to continual improvement for both staff and the children, relating to education, training and our environment. The centre regularly observes documents and evaluates all practices, to continually update and improve the quality of service and standard of care we provide.