Our Groups

Staff work with the children in small groups and on an individual basis to help children reach their full potential.

Depending on a child’s age and developmental needs children belong to one of our three groups.
Joeys (2-3 years)
Possums (3-4.5 years)
Wombats (4.5-6 years)

During small group time the children will work in these separate groups with children at a similar age/stage. The small group experiences help the children to develop areas during hands-on experiences specific to each small groups developmental needs and interests.

All children are involved in the Letterland program. You can read more about this program HERE

School readiness program

The Wombats group focuses on a school readiness program which includes exposure to early years literacy and numeracy. Our school readiness program is designed to foster children’s  pre-reading and pre-writing skills to equip them for starting school. We believe one of the most important areas that children need to be ready for school is social skills and this is incorporated into everything we do to help build this skill.